Why confident professionals looks always relax?

30 Jul 2018

When you know your business well, you are confident and relax, and another people can see it.

What you can do if you are really professional, but your expression was affected by your past experience, and you do not look relaxed?

Many people make a huge mistake and start to build there online, and offline brand with huge forced a smile, with tension around the mouth and the eyes. If you read it and your profile picture looks forced, no worries it is fixable, reach me out and I can help you with your online and offline presence. 

On daily bases we wearing masks and losing confidence, people cover themselves from the competitive world, because of unfavorable experience push them that way. Just part of the crowd can control it and work on themselves. This is actually my job to help you become you genuinely with no any masks or tensions. 

With my current client, we laugh around 1 hour just to help him remove some mouth tensions. And we got pretty amazing results. 

The biggest challenge in my work it makes people look consistent in the picture and real life. I love my job. ♥️