What are headshots used for?

17 Oct 2017

Different types of headshots are used for different outcomes

Hello! Welcome to my photography blog where I will be sharing helpful tips and advice regarding how to have a great professional photography session. Today, I’d like to talk about the different types of headshots a person might need and why. In future posts, I will further elaborate on the different types of headshots and give advice on how to maximize the success of your own headshot session. The key thing to remember about headshots: they are a primary tool in self branding. They will often be the first impression people have of you.


Corporate, business or executive headshots

Corporate portraits are essential to presenting a professional image and can increase your attraction as a potential employee. There are a few reasons people might need or want these professional headshots. Job seekers, management and executives, freelancers, real estate agents, medical professionals and others need images that represent them well in order to attract people to their business or service - especially in an expanding world of content where it is increasingly important to stand out from your competition.

Personal Headshots

Personal headshots or portraits are a good way to document yourself or family, but they are also used to attract people and give them a way to recognize you. Many people use these to send to family members and loved ones as gifts or to keep in family albums. These images are also a good way to represent yourself well on dating sites or on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Theatrical Actor Headshots

Although these headshots are to represent actors looking for work, they are different than business headshots. These images focus on the actor’s face and are usually serious, although some actors have various types of images so they can submit different ones for different roles. Although the focus is on the face, sometimes actor’s prefer images that are from the shoulder’s up.