3 Ways Professional Real Estate Photography Benefits Agents

07 Apr 2018

I love being a Tampa real estate photographer and working with real estate agents.  Many agents attempt to shoot photos themselves, but they are doing their clients a disservice. Phones and point and click cameras can downplay beautiful architecture, have lighting issues, and reduce the size of a room  while professional cameras and appealing angles can make a tremendous difference.

Redfin, a real estate brokerage firm, compiled a report about how professional real estate listing photos benefit real estate agents or anyone selling property.  I wanted to share these benefits with you. Anything below in italics is taken from the Redfin report.


Generate Leads and Increase Value

Online listings with professional photography generate an average of 61% more page views. They also sell for more money.

  • Homes with listing photos taken with DSLR cameras sell for more money than those with amateur photos. For homes priced between $400,000 and $499,999, professionally photographed homes sold for an average of $11,200 more than homes with amateur photos. Professionally photographed homes priced between $200,000 and $1 million sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices.
  • Homes with sharper photos sell for more money. Homes with the sharpest 10% of listing photos sold at or above their list price 44% of the time compared to 13% for homes with listing photos of average sharpness.

Homes with pro real estate listing photos sell faster.

  • For homes priced in the $400,000 range, professionally photographed homes sold 21 days faster than those with point-and-shoot photos, while those priced higher than $1 million sold four days faster.
  • Across all price tiers, homes with DSLR photography were more likely to sell within six months than homes with point-and-shoot photos. In the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, 64 percent of homes with DSLR photos sold within six months, compared to 46 percent of homes with point-and-shoot photos. For those difficult-to-sell million dollar homes, 35 percent of professionally photographed homes sold in six months, compared to 30 percent of homes with point-and-shoot photos.


Impress And Attract Clients

Boost your portfolio and show off your marketing skills by having a full roster of professional photographed homes you have sold or are selling. Redfin takes it a step further and pays for all professional photography of properties they represent.

"For clients who list their home with a Redfin agent, Redfin covers the cost of professional listing photography," said Karen Krupsaw, Redfin's vice president of real estate operations. "...professional photography helps homes sell faster and for more money, so ensuring that every Redfin listing includes professional photographs is a no-brainer."

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