5 Ways Professional Product Photography Will Help You

30 Nov 2017

It may be a little too late to think of professional product photography for 2017 Cyber Monday, but it’s never too soon to think about how to increase your business in the future.  

Here are five reasons professional high quality product photography can be beneficial to businesses and entrepreneurs in Tampa, Florida and beyond.

Professional food and drink photography makes menus more appealing.

Whether in print or online, food is more appealing when styled and lit professionally.  It’s no secret that McDonald’s spends a lot of time and money on getting the perfect product images for ads, menu boards and all representations of their food.  Hiring a professional photographer for menu photography can make a tremendous difference and make mouths water in anticipation of just how great your food will be.


High quality photos of products add value.

When styled correctly and lit well, product photos can add value to the item. High quality images can make a product seem more valuable, more desirable, and worth the price tag. Compare this image of a hairbrush in a standard lit room (taken with cell phone) to this photograph of the same hair brush taken in my studio.


Pro product photos make a great first impression

This is especially important for online commerce. The photographs are the first impression consumers will have of your product, and will often determine if they click “add to cart” or keep surfing. Look at the photos of the hairbrush again and think about which one you would be likely to buy.

Great product photography provides marketing collateral.

When you have great product photography, you have images ready to go for posters, fliers, social media pages and your website. You can proudly display them and know they will bring a good return of investment. Good marketing is about representing your brand the best you can at all times, and, Tampa, professional product photography is one way to do that.

You will be ready for the perks of press coverage.

Publications and broadcasts need content - however, they want interesting content. Even newspapers and magazines are highly visual, and the editors are always on the lookout for vibrant or interesting good photos they can use. Great images will make your press releases stand out and make their job easier, because they won’t have to consider whether it’s worth sending and paying a photographer to capture your product. Stand out from all the other products and businesses you are competing with for attention with images they can quickly and easily fall in love with and want to use. I've elaborated on three ways professional press release photos will help you here.