Prepare Kitchen & Bathroom Day of Real Estate Photography

07 Apr 2018

I’m continuing in today’s post with things to do to prepare the kitchen and bathroom of your home on the day of your real estate listing photos session before the photographer arrives. (I’ve written before about how I can increase the value of your home with professional real estate photography in Tampa and other areas here, and I’ve also given you tips to prepare for your real estate photographer with things to do one week prior. In my last post, I gave to do lists for the day of your real estate photography to prepare the exterior of your home and all interior rooms.)

Prepare your bathroom for professional real estate photography

  • Remove all items from the counter and backs of toilets, including soaps, used rags, tissue boxes, face washes, toothbrushes, etc
  • Make sure you have put away all items that might clutter the bathroom like cosmetics, scales, toys, trash cans, and haphazard towels.
  • Wipe down the counters and make sure there is a full toilet paper roll with just one square hanging down
  • Next, turn your attention to the tub and remove all bottles, scrubbies, rags and other items like children’s toy before giving it a good scrub/clean.
  • Make sure the walls of the shower are spotless (Squeegees are good for this after removing scum)

Prepare your kitchen and dining area for professional real estate listing photos

  • Remove all items from counter tops. This includes cleaning items like sponges and containers like detergents.
  • Wipe down countertops, oven front, and stovetop
  • Replace or cover stained or rusted drip pans on stovetop
  • Make sure no dishes, bowls or “catch alls” are in view
  • Remove all papers, magnets, calendars and stickers from the refrigerator before wiping it down.
  • Hide all trash cans
  • Scan for phone chargers and cables and remove them
  • Remove small appliances or televisions and radios, hide any power plugs and cables
  • Wipe down your table and dust other furniture, chairs
  • Add centerpieces like fresh flowers or fruit bowls to the center of your table
  • You may want to set the table with matching placemats, cutlery, plates


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