To Do Day of Real Estate Photography Session

07 Apr 2018

I’ve written before about how I can increase the value of your home with professional real estate photography in Tampa and other areas, and I’ve also given you tips to prepare for your real estate photographer with things to do one week prior. In today’s post, I’d like to share things to do on the day of your real estate listing photos session before the photographer arrives to prepare the exterior and interior of your home.

Prepare outdoors for real estate photography

  • Put away garden hose, sprinklers, shovels, children’s toys, dog leashes, other loose items in yard or on patio
  • Got a pool? Remove pool cleaners and toys and uncover the pool right before photographer arrives
  • Add fresh clean cushions to the patio furniture
  • Clean up any leaves
  • Remove cars from driveway/front curb
  • Remove garbage cans from view

Prepare interior rooms for real estate listing photos

  • Remove and /or hide all pet related items, including beds, bowls, leashes, and toys
  • Open window curtains and turn blinds horizontally and ensure there are no smudges.
  • Scan for phone chargers and hide them
  • Sweep (or vacuum) and mop hard floors and vacuum carpets
  • Turn on all lamps and lights, but be sure to turn off ceiling fans
  • Hide all power cords or cables and television remotes (with televisions turned off)

Prepare bedroom for real estate imaging

  • Put away all personal items
  • Straighten up closets, make sure no clothes are hanging out of drawers or around room
  • hide all cables, phone chargers
  • vaccuum and make bed
  • Place clean throw pillows on bed



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