5 Tips to Getting a Great Free Headshot in Tampa at Small Business Expo

24 Oct 2017

I’m beyond pleased to offer free business headshots at the upcoming Small Business Expo in Tampa on Thursday October 26th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re attending, you’ll be able to step up to my booth, sign up on a whiteboard and get a free executive headshot. I’ll send you an email with a link to 3 images for online proofing that you can use on social media. There are some best practices when preparing for headshots, and I’d like to share five tips for the best headshot you can get.

Corporate headshots for women in tampa floridaHYDRATE AND AVOID ALCOHOL

There are  a few ways to look your best, and doing what you can to care for your skin is one of them.


  • The number one way to make sure your skin looks its best is to drink tons of water for the 48 hours leading up to your photo session. When you are dehydrated, your skin “shrivels” up and tightens; dehydration increases sags, wrinkles and sunken eyes.
  • Avoid alcohol for 2-3 days leading up to photo. Alcohol increases inflammation and swelling and causes dehydration, so it is recommended to avoid alcohol during this time. It can  increase puffy bags under the eyes.
  • You can also keep a metal spoon in your freezer and use it to lightly tap the back side of the spoon under and around your eyes gently to break up fluid and reduce swelling with the coolness. You can do this each morning and evening before makeup or after washing your face.
    Some people swear by coconut oil around the eyes, under the chin, but it usually takes a couple weeks to see the benefit. If you want to do a soothing cucumber mask or deep cleansing mask, that can add to a healthy look as well, but hydration is a huge benefit.


Having a relaxed spirit does wonders for how we look. Sleep and relaxation are great ways to make sure you look your best. When we have enough sleep and feel good, it comes across in our images.

  • Spend the time leading up to your photo session (especially that morning) listening to music that puts  you in a great relaxed mood.
  • Do things that help you sleep well and that make you feel relaxed. Get a full 8-9 hours of sleep the nights leading up to your headshot. Sleep also helps us have reduced bags under eyes and for our eyes to look brighter and more alert.
  • Think of the time you have really sealed the deal or done a great job on something that brought good results or praise. Put yourself mentally and emotionally in that place where you felt at your best and know that you are walking into an already supportive audience. Try to hold on to that feeling and know that the photographer is your supportive audience that is already dying to buy what you are selling.
  • Get a massage, take a candlelit epsom salt bath or do an isolation tank float. Get some exercise. Do things that bring you peace - this varies for everyone.


Some people might like to have a professional hair and makeup artist do their photo, but if you are doing it yourself, make sure it is not overpowering. Remember the photo is to represent you as a business person and not for a night out on the town.

  • Makeup should be natural and business like. Here is a good article about things to avoid.
  • If you have oily skin or are worried about shine (men included), you may want to use blotting sheets or paper towels to blot shiny areas like forehead, nose, cheekbones just before you go for your photo.
  • Hair should not cover your face and should be styled in a professional manner.

Corporate headshots for men in Tampa BayCLOTHING

Wear your power suit. Wear something you feel great in and that makes you feel very powerful and confident. Remember, you’ll want to wear business clothes for business photos.

  • Don’t wear the shirt you always have to tug on or that has weird frilly stuff up around your neck. It will lead to insecurities and discomfort, taking away from the confidence we want to show up in your image.
  • Do wear something clean, crisp and freshly lint rolled.
  • Do go for solid colors (including neck ties, gentleman.) Make sure they do not clash.
  • Don’t go for shiny, patterned or distracting designs that take away from your face.
  • Do make sure your clothing is damage free - no holes, rips, thin spots.