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You might want headshots because you’re a business owner, job seeker, executive, actor, model, author or maybe you want to look great on social media or online dating sites. Whatever category you fall into, one thing is certain: professional headshots can help increase sales and improve responses when seen online or in print. Whether for business or pleasure, professional headshots say, “I care, and I’m ready to go the extra mile to make you happy or represent you as well as I represent myself.”

Professional headshots are great for business cards, printed marketing materials, yard signs or for online use.

Corporate, Executive and Business Headshots

A corporate, executive or business headshot is a formal photograph, usually showing from the top of the chest or shoulders to at least the top of head. Traditional headshots are usually shot in studio or in front of a backdrop or in a business setting (like at a desk) while modern headshots are usually still formal but often shot outside or in different areas of the business and show movement. Tampa: Business headshots explanation

Why people have business or corporate headshots (also referred to as business portrait)

It’s no secret that image is everything in today’s very visual world. People are busy and make snap judgments based on what they see in front of them. Having a professional executive or business headshot can help attract new customers to your small or large business; they can also help help a job seeker land their dream job. Your corporate headshot isn’t just a photograph. It’s an investment in your future. Click here to read about why people need professional headshots in Tampa

Why people have theatrical headshots

Theatrical headshots can be candid or serious and can be personal headshots. These photographs work great for dating sites, social media profiles and other personal uses. These are also good actors headshots, model headshots, headshots for comedians or other professional representation. These photographs look great on web sites, business cards, and in portfolios. 

Author Headshots for book jackets and web sites

Authors are lucky. They can go with modern business headshots or with theatrical headshots. Readers like to connect with their favorite authors and often buy works from people they feel connected to. The right headshot can give readers an idea of what your work might be like and a sneak peek into your personality.

Headshots / Professional Photos for Internet Dating Sites and Social Media

You might be more attractive than you think! Lighting, camera placement, fabric and background color can all make a tremendous difference in how attractive your headshot is. Having a professional headshot shows that you put time, effort and thought into finding the right mate or representing yourself well on social media. People will judge you on how you present yourself and associate the time and effort you put into representing yourself with how you might treat and represent them. Click here Tampa to read about the benefits social media and dating site profile pictures.

Tips for good dating photos is a great article with tips for good dating photos. You can see the tremendous difference between selfies, phone photos and professional photos. 

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